lunedì 23 settembre 2013

066 - Concerning Ansmann Dampers

In restoring my Madcap I've chosen to upgrade from the original dampers to four Ansmann aluminium dampers.
During the shakedown I noticed that they were a little lazy and in fact, in disassembling them, I realized that pistons are a little raw and that the oil smells like (and probably is) simple mineral oil and not silicone oil.
So I decided to use the new dampers with the set-up recomended by Tamiya in the original Madcap manual; therefore I've used Ansmann body and rods, Tamiya pistons and #600 Muchmore silicone oil. I will test it asap.
The only doubt remained is about the rear shocks lenght: I've chosen the 85mm ones and probably they're a little short.

Tamiya style exploded view tentative

Ansmann piston

Tamiya piston

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