lunedì 29 aprile 2013

043 - New Tires Needed, Deep Cleaning & More

The rear tires of my Stadium Blitzer are completely gone so, last week, I've ordered a new set of tires and wheels from Modellbau Seidel in Germany. I'm a car park (lonely) basher and, considered that the stock tires aren't a good choice for tarmac, I decided to switch to Tamiya tarmac tires made for GP Stadium Racing Truck TR-15T and included in the new DT-02 Street Rover kit. I decided to match them with a set of Stadium Blitzer wheels.
Waiting for the postman I decided to deep clean the car, to rebuild the shocks and to re-organize cables and wires (I'm obsessed about it). I also decided to switch from the small Kr-407s receiver to a bigger Kr-210s because this chassis has room and to save the smaller one for car with less room.

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