lunedì 5 agosto 2019

183 - Doubts

Time to spend in the hobby are ever shorter and this week have been enough only for roughly clean some gears. At a more deeply valuation I hhave to admit that some parts are not suitable for this project and that, before buying, it will be necessary a new search in my TA-01 used stuff box.

sabato 27 luglio 2019

182 - Something Is Moving!

After more than a year it's time to update this blog, after many years it's time to put back on the track one of my favourite car to drive: the mighty #58117 TA01 Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Many parts are waiting to be cleaned, some parts have been odered and are arrived, other parts are to come but something is moving!
The project is started, it's not more than a sketchy idea but, finally, something is moving!

mercoledì 18 aprile 2018

181- Turned A Toyota In To A Porsche

Painting rc bodies is not what I do at my best. After the build of my RM I've ruined the Tom's body in various way, the Parma body bought as replacement is good for serious racer but much thin for me so I've choosen a 956 Porsche body: a true classic!
The pics below shown the result of my huge effort as painter :-)

Some hop-ups have been added.


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