mercoledì 18 aprile 2018

181- Turned A Toyota In To A Porsche

Painting rc bodies is not what I do at my best. After the build of my RM I've ruined the Tom's body in various way, the Parma body bought as replacement is good for serious racer but much thin for me so I've choosen a 956 Porsche body: a true classic!
The pics below shown the result of my huge effort as painter :-)

Some hop-ups have been added.

giovedì 29 marzo 2018

180 - It's The Tamiya Magic

Yesterday after the first real run with my RM-01 I had to clean it. During the clean I overthighten the differential nylon nut ruining it. Today, using some TA-01 DNA, I've repacked the differential and it seems to work :-)

lunedì 12 marzo 2018

179 - 1/12th Fever

After some windy and rainy weeks finally a sunny day, what a better opportunity to finally drive my RM-01!
Well, I found a skate field near my parents house still dirt (sand carried by the wind) and wet for recent rains but I ran it for almost 20 minutes: amazing!
I have to admit that it could be my only car.
Of course it's a car to drive with velvet hand in silken glove but it's fantastic.
I've used the ugly painted original body... The Parma's one is still to paint.
Sorry for bad pic.


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