sabato 26 novembre 2022

209 - Acto Power Off Roader 2WD Motor #53122 (part 3)

This morning I've reached my parents home in my hometown for my weekly visit, so I had some spare hours for my RC projects. Since some weeks my attention is for my Acto Power motor and in the last week I've received the new rotor ordered from Tony Tamiya Parts in the UK (that is one of the most correct, precise and well furnished seller of Tamiya parts on this planet) and a pair of Tamiya spray cans from Amazon... and I've realized that I ordered the primer in the wrong color: light gray instead of white. It isn't a huge error, primer will stand under the main color... but I know that its color is wrong and I will remeber it for the eternity.

Before spraying the motor can with primer I've cleaned it for the last time using warm water, hand soap and a nylon brush for bottles. Considering that today have been a nice, windy and dry moorning so I've decided to lay it outside for drying (and Bora wind dries everything in few minutes) while I went to the supermarket so, before lunch with the can perfectly dryed, I sprayed the primer and I like the result A LOT.

sabato 19 novembre 2022

208 - Acto Power Off Roader 2WD Motor #53122 (part 2)


Work on my Acto Power is ongoing: paint have been easily removed this morning applying a paintstripper and letting it work for a couple of hours. Then the paint mash have been removed with a nylon brush and a paper towel.
The result is superb and I guess it depend by the thin layers of paint applied in origin (I'm pretty sure that are Tamiya Fine Primer and PS29).
The next step will be removing the paint leftover with fine sand paper and order two new cans of paint to complete the job.
I will also try to better clean the inside of the can with a small cilindric brush (if I will find it 😅).

sabato 12 novembre 2022

207 - Acto Power Off Roader 2WD Motor #53122 (part 1)

In december 2021, from a local site, I've purchased in bulk this Tamiya Acto Power #53122 motor and a Reedy Ultra Mr. L motor. A kind of impulse buy but I've desidered the Acto Off Roader 2WD for ages. Both motors were used and abused, dirty and with the scars of a thousand of battles.

I've started to clean the Tamiya motor months ago and for the whole summer it have been forget between two windows in my parents home under the hard hits of summer sun and this worsen its conditions: the can color has faded, mea culpa.

This week I found the spares needed to refurb this motor: a new endbell habe been already delivered, a new armature is on its way and a repro decal have been ordered.

So, today, my Blitzer project have been set aside to deep clean the motor can emptying an entire can of brake cleaner, original shims have been saved and I've started to look for the info to remove the old paint and to refresh the motor also with a brilliant hand of pink one.


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