mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

079 - Is Second Place The First Loser?

Monday afternoon, waiting for my turn by the greengrocer, I received an email from TamiyaClub telling that the pic I entered in Tamiyaclub 2013 Christmas comp came at the second place.
This evening the official results have been posted on Tamiyaclub so now it's official I will receive the second prize: a 84057 TamTech-Gear Porsche Turbo RSR 934 offered by Stellamodels.
I'm so happy and satisfied also because between me and the first placed there is only ONE vote, incredible! I'm not sure if it's already happened in a TC comp.

1 commento:

flying hawk ha detto...

complimentiiii! la foto è moolto post-moderna, steampunk e industriale!


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