mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

074 - HobbyKing X-Car 45A ESC (part 2) Or A Wintry Run On Freshly Cutted Grass :-)

This afternoon I went out with my Wild One with its new Esc for a ride.
I've been lucky because the grass on the lawn near the place I choose for the ride had been freshly cut so I decided to have fun on the grass.
I moved a little when, switching on the car, the Hobbyking orchestra starts to play its music but  unfortunately the grass was too long (or my Sport Tuned to much underpowered) and driving wasn't a good Esc's test and not much fun.

So I decided to put the car on tarmac and to empty the battery having a real feel about the speed controller.
I realized that this cheap Esc is honest, virtually unlimited, a little rough when the brake is used but considering that it allows to use Lipos it's a great value for money expecially for budget cars and classic Tamiyas.

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