martedì 18 giugno 2013

051 - Improving The Steering Of My WO

During a ride in a car park I bent a tie rod for a thump on a sidewalk. At home, using a pair of 3Racing turnbuckles and some 4mm adjusters with a proper hole, I tried to swap to the original butter made tie rods to a pair of stronger 3mm ones. The idea wasn't bad but the central nut hit the chassis edge and the steering doesn't work fine. So I've decided to order some new 3mm tie rods in various sizes and some adjusters that  helped me to improve the Wild One steering as shown by the pics below. I, also, decided to swap the stock uprights with the F103 black ones to satisfy my obsession for black parts.

Spite the wide selection of tie rods I've used a 71mm one and a 57mm one.

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