sabato 8 giugno 2013

050 - The Green One Is Finished!

During this week I finished the Wild One I built during the past weeks. I enjoyed very much the built of this Tamiya classic and I've adopted some little tricks to reach something close to the idea I had in my mind.
First I wanted to resolve the problem of the right side hole so I built from scratch a clone of the A11 and A12 parts and I've painted it in black.
To get to the car a clean look I've decided to swap all the red parts I could to the black FAV parts and to paint the rest in black. Also the front shocks towers are painted in black and the front bumper isn't fitted.
I spent an evening to find a clean layout for the cables, I've chosen both black silicone cables for the motor the antenna is hidden under the body hold in place by a tie rod end.
A good old Sport Tuned sits on the back with a 15T pinion gear.
It's full ballraced and is awaiting for rear unis.
I was in doubt for the bodywork because I like very much the paintwork inspired by 70s and 80s I've seen on TC but I, also, love the styles that, some years later Hirosaka, Kinwald & Co have used for their race cars. Unfortunately after a lot of surfing to take inspiration and after a lot of mumbling the result is only this stupid semi-arrow style.
I did a shakedown afer the photo shooting and I've discovered that this car is a pleasure to drive, I'm totally fascinated by this car and I love how it handles. The only problem is the less room for the ESC that after 20 minutes of run stopped the car for overheat protection.

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