mercoledì 24 ottobre 2012

031 - Oil leaks, Grease & More

Diff tests today! Yesterday I filled a good old Tamiya diff with silicone oil made for the modern gear diff to test if it works and if the Stadium Blitzer performs better. Well, the diff didn't had leaks during the night and installed in to the car it works fine and the car handles better. After the test run I opened the tranny and the result is shown below.

The differential leaks oil from the left side and there are suspect metal chippings.
Cleaned the diff from the oil I decide to try another way: I filled it in marine grease that it's heavy and sticky. it works! The car performs a little worse than with the oil set up but I hope that the diff will not wear.

The last "no bucks" mod is about the antenna holder: I had already reduced the original radio tray but I'm thinking from long time to mould an underbody and, I'm sure, lowering the antenna could help me to make it without too much work. So I decide to use a body post spacer from the FF03 kit, to drill to the bottom also the second hole and to fit it in to the car: nice and cheap.


And after only in a shot of Dremel :)
The only bad new is that from now I will start to spend money for the unis, a turnbuckles set and for the stainless steel screws set... and I hope I do not get the idea to convert the Stadium in to a Beetle... ops!

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