martedì 23 ottobre 2012

030 - New Strut Braces And Diff Experiment

Well, who knows me knows that I'm in constant mumbling and no matters if I'm mumbling about four wheeling, fishing, rc cars or anything else. So today, during all the day, I've thought about the strut braces I built yesterday.
I'm fixed with the total black look for my little cars and mumbling and mumbling I remembered  that somewhere in my cave I got a carbon tube (normally used for kites), a M3 stainless steel threaded bar and and some other items that could help me to rebuilt the struts.
The second upgrade that I was thinking about is about diff. If I'm not wrong it's possible to upgrade the Blitzer with a TA01 ball diff but I think that if racers are going to gear diffs it will be there a why! So I decided to do an experiment filling the stock diff with a 50.000 diff silicon oil sealing it with a little of marine grease, I didnt fit it in to the car because I want to see if the oil leaks.

A carbon tube, M3 stainless steel threaded bar and something else: the necessary to build "total black" strut braces. I made a sort of bushings starting from a Breakaway Impact Shields rubber tube (every beach angler know what I'm talking about).



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