mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

021 - A Gift from Japan That Smells Like My Teen Spirit

Last friday my girlfriend received the parcel from Japan that our japanese friend Tomo sent us some weeks ago.
Tomo is a very special guy: hard worker, very expert in venetian cuisine and he also lived and worked in a fine restaurant here in Venice for over two years. My girlfriend knows him from her first journey in Japan when she was a student, we met him in Tokyo two year ago and thanks to the Net we keep in touch.
Now he is working in a venetian restaurant in Osaka called by the owner (another japanese guy that also lived and worked in Venice). So if you will travel to Osaka, remember: Osteria Bricola for real venetian tastes!
In spite of hard work Tomo always remembers about us and sometimes he sends us some japanese items that he knows we will like. This time he choosed for me the "Tamiya RC Perfect  Guide 2012", fantastic! And it smells like the first one I bought over 20 years ago in my local RC shop, the good old days!
Thank you Tomo!

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