mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

018 - Another Austrian Esc

After the build of my CR01 I return to give attention to my FF03 that I have not used since last summer.
This month I bought the Robitronic Speedstar 2 12t that I decided to fit in to my FF03 and after the many upgrades I installed last year I'm quite happy about this car... there is only a problem: the driver, during a run of few minutes I made a(nother) crack  in the body and I must to change it soon.
For sure I must to reconsider the gear ratio because I'm not sure having understood to much about it.

My FF03 with the TRF shocks I bought last summer and the new Robitronic on the Duratrax car stand I received today.

I really love this little austrian cubes and this one pushes really fast!

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