mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

017 - My CR01 is at home!

Finally I bought and built the CR01 that I desidered since it was released.
I enjoed a lot this building (I think it's now clear that building is the part I prefer) but I ruined all with an horrible body work. I'm sad also considered that I was a miniatures painter, in future I will remeber it.
Usually I start to think where and how to upgrade the car during the build but this time I decided to postpone to the end of the summer, after the holidays and after many runs on the trails to understand what will be better do do and what no. For sure I will do something for the suspensions: the car bounces like the calash of Charles Ingalls.

Here is shown the radio box built out from a KO plastic box

Guess where I used a Brat joint boot :)
STRC rear lock-out and axles kit

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