giovedì 9 febbraio 2012

014 - New Stuff From Austria

Today the postman brought me some new stuff coming from Austria: a Robitronic Speedstar 2 Rock Crawler Edition and a Robitronic 55T motor.
Awaiting to buy a Tamiya Cr-01 I explored the Net to understand what I could buy to complete the build and I decide that stuff from Robitronic is what I need.
In a few of weeks I will buy the Cr-01 and to split the costs I ordered from the electronic components. I choosed this shop because it is in the EU and I wouldn't have no aditional cost due to italian Customs and because it is far from my home only 500 km and the delivery would have to be quick... unfortunately I live in Italy and the slowness of the italian post is worldwide known.
Indipendently to italian post Kayhobbies is a good shop, their prices are good and they shipped quickly. I will buy again from they in the future.

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