mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012

013 - Many thanks to Rc4wd, but italian customs are pitiless

From several weeks I feel a little unmotivated so all my cars remain unused on their shelfs.
All depends on my CC-01 based project, in december I felt happy because all the upgrades have worked well and all the handmade mods I did are fine.
The last touch was a set of good Mickey Thomson Baja MTZ wrapped on a Rc4wd set of stamped wheels, but things are not gone as I wanted: wheels looks as they were off centre (but they are not, Rc4wd are looking to understand what's the problem).
First I tought it depended on my inexperience with those wheels but after some rebuilding experiments I realized that it depends on wheels.
I ordered a second set of wheels but things are gone in the same way.
I asked Rc4wd on forum and they kindly offered me a new set of wheels... but here in italian customs are remorseless and the risk is to pay their kindness as a new set of wheels. Thank you anyway Rc4wd!
Next month things will go better, finally I'll buy a Tamiya CR-01!

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