martedì 1 novembre 2011

010 - New old project - Graaande King

This project is dedicated to the 4x4 truck that I consider an icon, it's started when I've bought My Tamiya CC-01. I immediately started to look for a Nissan body to substitute the original one (Mitsubishi) and I found it on E-Bay, it's a TBG Nissan King Cab lexan body.
Unfortunately  I was working on another project and Tamiya decide to release a lot of interesting models and this project has waited for a long time on the shelf.
Now I start to work on it and first I modify the body bracket with some pvc hand made spacers.
The next step will be about the suspensions and, of course, about the body.
Stay tuned, I'm working daily on this truck.

Off topic: I noticed the date and the hour are wrong on my pics, it's due to the fact that I bought my camera in Kyoto a year ago and I haven't never change the time zone.

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