mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

009 - Stadium Blitzer underbody, first attempt

After months without posting anything on my blog I'm back with a little project started in august, after my holidays.
For the holidays I had planned to bring with me my FF03 because near the holiday home there's a rc track. Unfortunately some days before the depart during the shakedown of some new upgrades I broke a suspension and I had no spares. so I decided to bring on holiday my Stadium Blitzer to get some fun on the lawn.
After some runs on the grass I noticed two issues:
the Sport Tuned motor has not the power needed to have too much fun on the grass;
the second problem is show in the picture below:

For the first problem the solution in easy: replace the Sport Tuned with a more powerful motor and soon i will do it.
For the second problem I tought of a solution inspired to short course truck underbody and I built a mould with wood and filler and this evening I tryed to mould a 2 liters pepsi bottle with a heatgun... results are not exciting but I think that this is the right way, I only have to buy two or three pepsi bottle!
Here some other pics and the first results:
The Blitzer, the mould and the bottle

The bottle wrapped on the mould

After the heat gun

First attempt

Second attempt

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