mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

005 - With many thanks to the local post office...

Finally yesterday I received two of the four or five packets that I'm waiting from weeks and weeks. Theese delays aren't depended by the shops where I bought but by the local post office and by the local postmen that are doing in a sort of boycott. The local news papers talk about over 50 big boxes of letters, small packets and more locked in the post office from weeks... and the place where I live got only 12.000 inhabitants! Definitely I would prefer a honest strike!

First I opened the packet that I was waiting for from the 12th of april: 20 couples of Simply Rc Deans connectors that I bought from Modelsport UK a month ago... thanks Poste Italiane! So I did some soldering practice and I have upgraded from Tamiya plugs to the Deans ones some batteries, an Esc and something else. This is my Stadium Blitzer 2010's Esc... and, yes! I need to do some more practice with the soldering iron.

After my soldering experiments I decided to discharge a battery and to test a new set-up for my Stadium Blitzer: full preload for the front shocks, zero preload for the rear ones and 15T pinion instead of the stock one (13T). Mission acomplished! With only a Sport Tuned motor this truck runs fast and get an amazing handling: I like it!

It will need another 2 or 3 upgrades but the way is correct to have a fast basher.

My second packet is arrived from Modellbau Seidel in Germany with some new parts for my FF03: the uni joints,the carbon motor stay and the aluminium spur gear mount.

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