mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

003 - First upgrades for my FF03

My FF03, the Spec-R upgrade and some extra bits
I bought this Tamiya Castrol Honda CIVIC VTi with the new FF03 chassis this summer and it has become immediately my favourite Tamiya car of ever.
I enjoyed very much the build of this car and its driving is a pure pleasure.
Unfortunately I haven't a RC track near home and normally I drive it only in a car park (it's a real shame) and I can use it on the track only when I'm on holiday.
From its built it is full ballraced and I've used the stock silver can only for the shakedown. Now it runs a Sport Tuned motor but now, after some months, I decided to upgrade it until it will be ready for a 10.5 brushless system. the first step is the swapping of the stock balls diff for a Spec-R gears diff.
I bought it in Germany from RC-Modellbau D. Sakaguchi last week and after a few of working days I received it today.
I built it this afternoon and I filled it with #800 silicon oil.
The built of this differential is quick and problem free and the housing fits directly in to the FF03 chassis the only caution is about the urethane bushings:it is necessary to place one more of them in the right outdrive.
After the built I've done a short shake down to understand if was all ok and i noticed an increased understeer... I don't like it and I must to understand if it depends on the silicon oil and if I must to change it.
New differential, silicon oil and some items for future maintenance

The stock transmission compared with the new housing and the new gears diff

Differential completed and oil filled

Balls and gears diff compared

the upgraded transmission compared with the stock housing

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