martedì 1 marzo 2011

002 - Arrived and built!

After several months without posting I take inspiration from my last built to write something new.
I feel a little guilty because my two project (one based on the Brat re-re and the other based on the Pajero re-re) are sleeping from months and months on the shelf, my Grasshopper needs care and my FF03, that is a racehorse, doesn't like to stay at the box but this situation doesn't depend only by me: Tamiya decided to re-release a truck that I always wanted: the Stadium Blitzer! So I decided to buy it and to build it!
Last friday I ordered a Stadium Blitzer, a Carson complete ball bearings set, a Sport Tuned Motor and the colors cans from one of my favourite model shop (Modellbau Seidel in Germany – very good prices, always quick and accurate service) and today for lunch I received it.
Due to a bad cold today I couldn't go to work and with so much time to spend and with a new Tamiya to built the afternoon is passed quickly.
The truck is almost finished and I will post more pics and impressions when I will finish it.

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